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About Nate Skow

I joined HireNexus (formerly Management Recruiters of Elgin) in November of 2006, but have been part of the MRI family since 2000. Over the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to partner with world class organizations in helping them attract and hire top talent at all levels of their organization.

Prior to joining HireNexus, I worked with The McHenry Group which is also part of the MRI Network, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. With The McHenry group I was a 5 time Pacesetter and achieved my CSAM status. While with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, I guarded the US from bad people. I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Winona State University and a minor in Marketing.

PEOPLE I RECRUIT: I focus on all aspects of business operations and information technology with a focus on private equity backed organizations. I work with my partners to meet their needs at all levels. Some of the roles I have helped organizations identify top talent for include: VP of Supply Chain, Director of Purchasing, COO, CIO, Director of IT, Director of Lean, General Manager, Director of Engineering, and VP of Sales.

PHILOSOPHY: I don't want to be a "necessary evil" to the people I work with. Rather I want to be a value creating partner that is dedicated to helping you and your team meet your hiring goals and beyond. When a need arises or you're faced with a critical hire I want to be known as the person that won't quit recruiting until that role is filled and look at all those situations as a personal challenge.

Candidate Spotlight

I am working with a seasoned Emergency Room Director that is seeking new opportunities on the east coast. She has over 10 years of experience as a Director and several more years in various other capacities. She has worked in various sized hospitals and is very open to relocation to be closer to family.

Call me for more details, (847) 697-2201 x29.


Edited on 9/20/2011.

Job Spotlight

I am working with a great hospital in northern NY State that is seeking evening and night RN's in the ER and Med/Surg units. I have worked with this facility several times in the past and find the staff and onboarding process to be outstanding. This would be about 4hrs north of NYC and into the great northland of NY. Requirements 2 years of experience, NY RN License, ability to relocate in NY.

Contact me directly for more information.


Edited on 9/20/2011.



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  • "Very speedy. Nate was willing to ask me what I wanted and looked for something that would fit my desires."

    Deborah, RN Consultant in California

  • "Very kind with follow-up. Nate is an exceptional individual and returns calls promptly. He is very interested in assisting professionals an employment opportunity that fits your background."

    Genny, Nurse Manager in Ohio

  • "Nate got back to me quickly and even called the day before my interview to answer any last-minute questions! He then gave me a few interview tips based on the position I was applying for which I used during my interview."

    Karla, Disease Management Supervisor in Colorado

  • "[Nate Skow is] Very responsive. Quickly calibrates to the type of talent we need. Sensitive to salary price point we are at and does not try and stretch to higher price points. Would consider him a trusted agent."

    Healthcare Client in the Northeast US

  • "I was looking for a telephonic case management or disease management position when Nate contacted me. After speaking with Nate and he determined I was a good fit for the job he sent me on for an interview. He was very helpful in coaching me towards a successful interview. He provided some good suggestions for the interview and was very encouraging."

    Margaret, Disease Management RN in Colorado

  • "Nate is great! Nate is very professional, courteous, yet very personable; he listened to what I had to say, addressed my concerns , offered suggestions, and seems very detail oriented, informing me about the job, and the steps to take, and giving me and idea about when I will hear from the company next."

    Sandy, RN Case Manager in Colorado

  • "He was so genuine and work on his days off for me and on my behalf! I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate that Nate could see my potential in a resume and for his contact that is leading to my dream job. The best hiring experience of my long health career!"

    Tess, RN Case Manager in Colorado

  • "Nate was very helpful in ways I had not expected. He offered sound advice from interview through accepting the position. I had not looked for work in 20 years. It was nice to feel like I was not alone in my process."

    Healthcare Candidate

  • "Nate is great, he has been there when we need him...the best recruiter I've worked with ever. Nate fits my style of operations. I like that. I've met very few recruiters that do. I usually get flooded with junk before firing them. Nate fits well and is remarkably patient."

    David, Employment Specialist with a hospital system in New Hampshire

  • "Nate is the man, always there when I need him and he is able to put up with a difficult place to fill jobs."

    David, Employment Specialist with a hospital system in New Hampshire

  • "Nate did follow up all the way with me since I received his first call about month ago. He kept me informed on when I will have a phone interview and he responded to all of my e-mails. Nate's work is extremely valuable to me. He was very helpful in setting up he phone interview with his client."

    Mahesh, Sterile Processing Manager in California

  • "He did an excellent job of representing me. He was professional at all times. Asked the right questions and made the way for a good interview."

    Steven, Director of Nursing in Texas

  • "Nate is very pleasant to work with. He gets you the information that you need on time. He has a great attitude and the best quality he has is that he listens and doesn't interrupt you."

    EJ, Medical Business Analyst in California

  • "Nate has been a wonderful person to work with. Nate is always checking in to make sure that our needs are met and always looking for feedback so that he can improve anything that may be needed. I am very appreciative and impressed with his determination to help us find the right candidate. Thanks Nate."

    Crystal, Recruiting Coordinator for a hospital in upstate New York

  • "Nate has great follow up and is patient with the time these searches take - thank you Nate!"

    Brenda, Human Resources for a hospital in New England

  • "Nate has been very responsive and proactive. Nate works very well with the client and has succeeded with a stellar placement rate."

    Theresa, Hospital Contracts Manager in Texas

  • "Nate has been great. He really takes a interest in your journey and becomes part of it too."

    Ryan, Clinic Administrative Manager in Ohio

  • "Nate is an exceptional performer when it comes to customer service. He was very courteous and took the time to find out exactly what my needs and goals were and where I would like to be in regards to area. I appreciate quality and he is without one of your top performers. Excellent Job!"

    Angela, Manager of Intensive Care Services for a hospital in Nebraska

  • "Nate has been a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend him to friends. He has a good and understanding personality, and doesn't waist my time on unwanted positions."

    Candidate in Healthcare

  • "[Nate Skow is] very nice and personable! Great attitude and very knowledgeable of job and city! Easy to talk to. Very efficient. Nate was very knowledgeable of the job and the city I was looking at in NY. He is very friendly and efficient. He even gave me friendly advice on my upcoming Boston vacation! Great customer service!"

    Candidate in Healthcare

  • "[Nate Skow has] Exceptional responsiveness. Very thorough, knows the candidates he has sent us, even back 12 months. Does not seem to sleep, polite follow up, detailed emails, hungry for the business."

    Client in New England

  • "I can't thank Nate enough. His professionalism, interview coaching and interpersonal skills were invaluable to me during the interview process. Kuddos to Nate!"

    Ann, National Account Manager in Colorado

  • "Nate is very helpful and responsive to my requests. Nate is very professional and his service is invaluable to me."

    Lou, Attorney/Senior Counsel in Colorado

  • "Nate found the perfect job for me. I've found some for which I'm overqualified and some that I'm not qualified for. With 34 years programming experience, I have the qualifications for this job without further training, and it will be challenging enough to keep me learning new things every day."

    Betsy, Programmer in Colorado

  • "Nate was extremely professional and well organized. He took the time to go over the specifics of the position and also guided me on areas that the client would focus on."

    Karen, Senior Account Manager in Connecticut

  • "[Nate Skow is] Personable, professional, and able to match applicants with available positions they may not have even applied for."

    Patricia, IT Service Delivery & Operations Manager in Colorado

  • "Nate is prompt, courteous and extremely professional. His insight to my preparation for the telephone interview was key to my ability in securing a face-to-face interview."

    Ann, Account Manager in Colorado

  • "[Nate Skow] has been dedicated and involved, keeping me informed every step of the way. His upbeat attitude helps in a bad economic environment."

    Miriam, ICU Manager in Massachussetts

  • "Once you talk with Nate, you know he will find you the right opportunity to fit you. We spoke and I had an interview within 2 days. He has loyal contacts and knows his business well. He is very easy to talk to and gets to know your strengths and weaknesses as well as goals. He not only wants to place you, but desires your complete satisfaction and long term happiness in your new endeavor."

    Lisa, Practice Manager in Tampa, FL

  • "[Nate Skow is] Very friendly and personable. Very committed to his candidates. [He is] Professional, loyal and friendly and insightful. Both [Anthony Bileddo] and Nate are loyal, professional, friendly and take time to prepare their candidates and share knowledge and opportunities with one another."

    Mike, Practice Administrator in Starkville, MS

  • "Nate [Skow] puts himself in the situation of the candidate and follows up consistently. [He is] very sympathetic and understands the current trends in healthcare - Nate was able to articulate everything I relayed to him in regards to my career and positions held."

    Nick, Practice Manager in New York

  • "It is my pleasure to recommend Nate Skow as a professional healthcare recruiter. I am a RN who has been a Nursing Director for over 25 years, and I came to know Nate when I was looking for a new position as an Emergency Department Director. For two months I was working with another recruiter unsuccessfully, and decided that I needed a new group of recruiters. Searching through the internet I found Nate and his coworkers.

    Within one week Nate had options for me, and he kept me up to date as to the progress of his search for me. He arranged for phone interviews with the CNO's from the facilities, and made sure that I had all of the information I needed to review well in advance of the interviews. Nate made sure that the interviews were not back to back, and that there was time to reflect upon the opportunities being presented.

    Nate was excellent in his communication skills which were greatly appreciated by me, and I am sure by the hospitals in which we were involved. When it came time to make decisions helped me sort through the process, and helped me make that final decision. That decision came at a cost for Nate, because I accepted a position that had been presented to me by a coworker of his. My first choice was with a company that Nate had presented to me, however they were taking too much time, and Nate was working very hard for me to get them to make their decision timely. In the end he advised me to not let the offer lapse from the other facility, and worked with the other recruiter to end my search.

    If I would ever need or want to again look for a new position, I would not hesitate to call Nate, and utilize his expertise in healthcare recruiting. His goal is to make sure that you are satisfied in your career goals, and to find the right match for both you, and the company."

    Director of Emergency Services Large Medical Center in Dallas, TX

  • Nate Skow could not have been more helpful in arranging for and the timely delivery of an interview with the client I was connected with. Nate clearly explained the background of the company as well as the nuances associated with the interview process in order to be successful. I would gladly recommend him to any potential candidate and client looking to advance their opportunities and staffing in the market.

    Mark, Healthcare IT Sales Professional in North Carolina

  • Nate is an excellent recruiter. When we first started working together he called to introduce himself and build a partnership. He listens to what the recruiting need is and ensures that he only presents candidates that meet the needs of the position.

    Velda, Sr. Director of HR with a major for-profit health system

  • Mr. Skow provided excellent communication and was very up front about potential prospects.  I would like to continue to do business with MR Elgin and would highly recommend Mr. Skow to former collegues.

    Bryan, Logistics/Warehouse Manager in Massachusetts

  • Nate provided valuable information in helping me prepare for my  interview. He's prompt in responding when requesting information.

    Perry, Supply Chain Manager in Ohio

  • Mr. Skow has been very professional, respectful and easy to communicate with.  Whether I get the position or not, I have had a good experience working with Nate Show.

    Christine, Manager of Patient Accounting in Missouri

  • Nate provided a very good overview of the Vice President of Sales job opportunity and was very personable to talk to.

    Joe, VP Sales & Marketing in Michigan

  • Nate is very reponsive, communicates well, easy to speak with, and understands my professional objectives.

    Mark, VP Sales & Marketing in California

  • Nate follows up, calls back and takes his time with you.

    Gregory, VP of Sales in California

  • I found MRI very professional in their prescreening process and in their interview prepping process.  The information that I received about the company and the hiring manager(s) from my recruiter was timely and precise.  I would highly recommend MRI as a preferred recruiting firm.

    Edgardo, Warehouse Manager

  • Nate is very responsive and capable to work with.  I will definitely reach out to Nate again if any recruiting needs arise.

    Beau, Partner with a private equity firm

  • Nate has been very attentive and has worked with me on the position of interest. He provided me good guidance prior to a phone screening interview. If he is not available at his office he responds to voice messages in a timely manner.

    Eric, COO/SVP Operations in Missouri

  • I cannot say enough about my satisfaction in dealing with Nate Skow for my job search.  His follow-ups were always timely and on target.  His relationship with the hiring company was uniquely tight and extremely helpful.  He was as active in keeping the process moving as I was and in the end, he helped work out outstanding issues to wrap up the deal. Very happy from day one in all interactions I had with Nate!

    Javier, Director of IT in Ohio

  • Nate Skow was instrumental in placing me in front of the client very quickly.  He provided me all of the components necessary to be prepared for the phone interview.  He is truely working to allow me to showcase my strenghts with the client.

    John, Director of Sales & Marketing in Baltimore

  • The help and insight provided by Nate Skow prior to the interview was incredible.  He was thourough, and professional, a true pleasure to work with.

    Dave, Purchasing Manager in Texas

  • Great follow up. When your looking for a position it is very positive to get feedback from the recruiter as you go through the process.

    Nate Skow gave me very good insight to the interviewer's style of Q&A. As a result I was prepared for the changes that occurred during the initial interview. Bottom line: Nate's prep work helped me to get to the 2nd interview.

    Larry, Director of Strategic Sourcing in Ohio

  • Very thorough analysis and feedback surrounding skillset requirement and fit. I would feel very comfortable leaving my job hunt in Nate's hands.


  • Nate brought an operations manager position opportunity to me and arranged an interview.  Upon discussion with the hiring manager, I am more focused towards sales and the hiring manager recommended two companies for Nate to follow up on, as he has knowledge and will follow back up with me directly.

    Good value and agressive search techniques.

    Jack, Sales professional in Pennsylvania

  • The pre-interview discussion was immensely helpful. I had a feel for the characteristics of the individual interviewing me and I was prepared for the types of questions and expected responses that might come up.

    Thank you, Nate Skow, for walking me through that process.

    Twila, Account Manager in Washington State

  • Nate was very helpful, professional, and easy to work with.

    Jasmin, Nurse Case Manager in Colorado

  • I just started working with Nate Skow and he has been very helpful. Nate called me about another position that I was not interested in. So, Nate thought out of the box and reached out to the customer to see if they were hiring outside sales.  Come to find out they were and within two days I went on my first interview.

    Tawny, Sales Professional in Texas

  • Nate Skow really prepared me for my interview and provided some very good insight as to the requirements for the position.  He was very responsive, honest, and did a great job.


  • Nate Skow is professional, informative, and helpfull.

    Ed, VP Supply Chain in Texas

  • Nate Skow did a good job preparing me for the discussion with the client. He had insight in to personality and what would be important to the client.

    Eric, Director of Distribution in Tennessee

  • Nate was helpful in providing information that would be very useful in the interview.

    Cecelia, Nurse in Colorado

  • Nate was very friendly and professional at the same time.  He was very honest with me about the details of the position I was applying for.  He called to check on the interview process, and gave me important information about the position that would enable me to make my decision going forward.

    Janice, RN Case Manager in Colorado

  • Very friendly and given my experience, felt he was right on the money with his match.  Certainly made it a more streamlined, relaxed interview for me. Thanks Nate!

    Debbie, RN Case Manager in Colorado

  • Nate is very professional and knowledgeable. I also like the fact that he does have a great personality. I appreciate his work and would work with him again and again.

    Collettee, Distribution Sales Rep in Texas

  • Nate provided excellent coaching prior to the interview as well as offered valuable insights based upon his relationship with the client as well as his experiences with the situational facts surrounding the interview.

    David, VP Human Resources in South Carolina

  • Nate did a great job getting everything lined up with the limited time that we had.  He also provided great feedback as I went through the interviewing process.


  • Nate has been very efficient and helpful.

    Dixie, HR Director in South Carolina

  • Nate Skow recently contacted me regarding a HR Director position.  He provided excellent details regarding the role, was very timely in his communications to me and the client, and was great with follow-up.  So many recruiters are 'paper pushers' it was refreshing to work with someone who took time to evaluate my background and credentials and partner with me on my search.

    Human Resources Candidate

  • Nate took the time to ask open-ended questions to help him thoroughly explore my qualifications with examples of how I applied my competencies and gained my accomplishments.  I felt he did a thorough job to get all the facts, as well as prepared me to have that 1st interview with his client.

    Nate effectively communicated with me - focusing on truly actively listening for the information and facts he was seeking to ensure it was worth for his client to have at least the initial telephone interview with me. Nate's just very personable.

    Rosis, IT Project Manager in Connecticut

  • Nate was outstanding. I have come in contact with several recruiters during my yearly stint of being unemployed. None of them even come close to the exceptional service that I received from Nate. Professional, personable, & informative, he has excellent communication skills & followed up on a consistent basis throughout the entire process which made me feel more confident and at ease in such a highly competitive market. You have a real winner here.

    Lisa, Inside Sales Rep in Virginia

  • Nate was very professional.  I enjoyed working with him.  I appreciated his insights to the client's interview style, they were right on target.  The few minutes he took to prepare me for the interview were invaluable.

    Jim, Materials Manager in Connecticut

  • Nate took the time to explain in detail what the position consisted of and working knowledge of the company. He provided valuable information of the person that I was to speak with, explaining what he would be looking for, how the phone interview would progress, and a Bio on the individual that proved to be very important. 

    Scott, Director of Purchasing in Connecticut

  • Nate is an outstanding recruiter who demonstrates very good knowledge of his client's business and expectations and then tries to find the right talent to meet those business needs. It was a pleasure dealing with Nate.

    Jyoti, VP Global Operations in Arizona

  • Nate was great to work with, very responsive and helpful with insight as to the next step in the interview process.

    Murray, VP Operations in Rhode Island

  • Nate provided advance insight into the phone interview which was very helpful to be properly prepared.  It provided a level of confidence that is important going into a typically stressful situation.

    Eric, Supply Chain Manager in New England

  • Nate was upfront with the position responsibilities as it required supervisory/management experience.  Though, I haven't had any direct reports, I shared my roles and how I delegated tasks to HR Coordinators.  He provided me with the next steps in process and what to expect.   Nate is very professional.  You should be glad he is part of your team.

    Jose, Benefits Administrator in Califronia

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